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    The historian A. J. P. Taylor wrote that the Hossbach memorandum does not prove Germany’s guilt for the war. The meeting on 5. of November basicly. The Hossbach memorandum – a summary of a meeting between Hitler, ministers and military commanders, where war plans were discussed. Consideration of the Hossbach Memorandum has played a significant role in deciding the question of Hitler’s intention to wage war in Europe.

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    Reviewed by Mark Weber Hitler, we’re told over and over again, set out to conquer the world, or at least Europe. Sentences such as those quoting Hitler as saying that “The German question can only be solved by force” were invented and inserted. Germany’s problem could only be solved by means of force and this was never without attendant risk.

    The outcome of the Abyssinian War was a loss of prestige for Britain which Italy was striving to increase by stirring up the in the Mohammeden world. Nor did they consider the meeting particularly important. Trevor-Roper countered that criticism by arguing that Hitler expressed an intention to go to war sooner rather than later and that it was Hitler’s intentions in foreign policy in lateas opposed to his precise plans later in history, that really mattered.

    Britain’s attitude would certainly not be without influence on that of France. Franco in undisputed possession of the Spanish Peninsula precluded the possibility of any further intervention on the part of the Italians or of their continued occupation of the Balearic Islands.

    As our foreign trade was carried on over the sea routes dominated by Britain, it was more a question of security of transport than one of foreign exchange, which revealed, in time of war, the full weakness of our food situation.

    We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. He stated that if he dies, the contents of the conference were to be regarded as his “political testament”.

    The Nazis’ Hossbach Memorandum Document of 1937

    It was, therefore, a question of space. Hitler had communicated his irrevocable decision to go to war. As the conference had been called in response to resolve the dispute, Hitler took the opportunity to provide a summary of his assessment of foreign policy.

    In regard to our offensive toward the southeast, Field Marshal von Blomberg drew particular attention to the strength of the Czech fortifications, which had acquired by now a structure like a Maginot Line and which would memoandum hamper our attack. Some articles have Vimeo videos meemorandum in them.

    memoramdum In German general staff officer Colonel Count Kirchbach found the manuscript while going through the file and made a copy for himself. The campaigns of Frederick the Great for Silesia and Bismarck’s wars against Austria and France had involved unheard-of risk, and the swiftness of the Prussian action in had kept Austria from entering the war. The emphasis on the British Crown memprandum the symbol of the unity of the Empire was already an admission that, in the long run, the Empire could not maintain its position by power politics.


    The Hossbach Conference met on November 5 th The history of all ages- the Roman Empire and the British Empire- had proved that expansion could only be carried out by breaking down resistance and taking risks; setbacks were inevitable. The memorandum concludes with the simple sentence: For the improvement of our politico-military position our jossbach objective, in the event of our being embroiled in war, must be to overthrow Czechoslovakia and Austria simultaneously in order to remove meomrandum threat to our flank in any possible operation against the West.

    Koch, a Lecturer at the University of York Englandfurther dismantled the legend in a article which concluded that the infamous protocol hosabach be “inadmissible in any other court except the Nuremberg tribunal.

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    On the other hand, should the powers not engaged hosssbach the war declare themselves disinterested, then Germany would have to adopt a similar attitude to this for the time being. This is a cloud CDN service that we use to efficiently deliver files required for our service to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos.

    The Avalon Project : Hossbach Memorandum

    On the assumption of a development of the Situation leading to action: Even though the populations concerned, especially of Czechoslovakia, were not sparse, the annexation of Czechoslovakia and Austria would mean an acquisition of foodstuffs for 5 to 6 million people, on the assumption that the compulsory emigration of 2 million people from Czechoslovakia and 1 million people from Austria was practicable.

    If the Czechs were overthrown and a common German-Hungarian frontier achieved, a neutral attitude on the part of Poland could be the more certainly counted on in the event of a Franco-German conflict. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. It is not a matter of acquiring population but of gaining space for agricultural use. Actually, the Fuehrer believed that almost certainly Britain, and probably France as well, had already tacitly written off the Czechs and were reconciled to the fact that this question could be cleared up in due course by Germany.

    Hossbach made notes during the conference and used them to compile the memorandum.

    If, territorially speaking, there existed no political result corresponding to this German racial core, that was a consequence of centuries of historical development, and in the continuance of these political conditions lay the greatest danger to the preservation of the German race at its present peak. Historians have continued to argue ever since about whether the Hossbach meeting marked a turning point in the events leading to World War II, or whether it is wrong to see the Memorandum in this light.

    The Hossbach memorandum was not a decision for war

    The Hossbach memorandum was a written summary of a November meeting between Adolf Hitler and several of his ministers and military commanders. Poland -with Russia at her rear will have little inclination to engage in war against a victorious Germany.

    General von Fritsch estimated the probable French forces available for use on the Alpine frontier at approximately twenty divisions, so that a strong French superiority would still remain on the western frontier, with the role, according to the German view, of invading the Rhineland.

      BTA12 600SW PDF

    Thus autarchy was untenable in regard both to food and to the economy as a whole. Avalon Home Document Collections Ancient bce – Medieval – 15 th Century – 16 th Century – 17 th Century – 18 th Century – 19 th Century – 20 th Century – 21 st Century.

    Or if France became so embroiled in war probably with Italy that she could not take action against Germany, then Germany should seize Czechia and Austria simultaneously.

    However, opposing historians, such as Taylor’s archrival, Hugh Trevor-Roperhave pointed out that the memorandum still demonstrated an intention for adding AustriaCzechoslovakiaLithuania and Poland to the Reich. The only remedy, and one which might appear to us as visionary, lay in the acquisition of greater living space -a quest which has at all times been the origin of the formation of states and of the migration of peoples.

    Instead of increase, sterility was setting in, and in its train disorders of a social character must arise in course of time, since political and ideological ideas remain effective only so long as they furnish the basis for the realization of the essential vital demands of a people. Beside the British Empire there existed today a number of states stronger than she. This is used to prevent bots and spam. The Fuehrer pictured the military strategy for Italy thus: Hitler’s alleged references to German “living space” refer only to Austria and Czechia.

    Events preceding the war in Europe History of interwar Czechoslovakia: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On the one hand there was the great Wehrmacht, and the necessity of maintaining it at its present level, the aging of the movement and of its leaders; and on the other, the prospect of a lowering of the standard of living and of a limitation of the birth rate, which left no choice but to act.

    Shortly after the end of the war, Martin turned over this copy to the Allied occupation authorities, who used it to produce a substantially altered version for use as incriminating evidence at Nuremberg.

    The Origins of the Second World War – after A. J. P. Taylor

    Arms and the Covenant Why England Slept. The boom in world economy caused by the economic effects of memorandim could never form the basis of a sound economy over a long period, and the latter was obstructed above all also by the economic disturbances resulting from Bolshevism.

    What Did the Memorandum Prove? To the Foreign Minister’s objection that an Anglo-French-Italian conflict was not yet within such a measurable distance as the Fuehrer Seemed to assume, the Fuehrer put the summer of as the date which seemed to him possible memorandu this.

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