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    Fill Barecon , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. BIMCO has recently published its new BARECON following a review of its predecessor, BARECON This revision represents a significant update to. Barecon Standard Bareboat Charter Part I filed by Horizon Lines on June 2nd,

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    Assignment; Sub-Charter and Sale a This Charter shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective permitted successors and assigns. The Charterer shall have the right to enroll the Vessels in the U.

    KG, a German limited partnership.

    Barecon Standard Bareboat Charter Part I by Horizon Lines

    Insurance proceeds received in respect of barecin Total Barcon of the Vessel shall be applied as follows: Assignment; Sub-Charter and Sale The Charterers shall be entitled to cease paying hire from the date that they are deprived of the use of the Vessel and have given written notice thereof to the Owners until such date as the Bareco comply with their obligations under this Charter again or until termination of this Charter pursuant to this Clause.

    In addition, any such waiver may be given subject to any conditions thought fit by the relevant party granting the same. Baercon Owners reasonable request Charterers during the Charter Period, i shall inform the position and voyage details of the Vessel and other relevant information including but not limited to the name of the sub-charterers and the managers of the Vessel in a manner satisfactory to the Owners.

    Approvals and Other Consents V. The Charterer may appoint a manager for the Vessel in connection with a sub-bareboat charter of the Vessel pursuant to Clause 55 b or otherwise. Place of Business III.

    Preservation of Existence III. The right to withdraw the vessel is now found in Clause 28 Terminationwhich also provides a so-called “anti-technicality” provision covering hire payments sub-clause 28 a i Charterers’ Default. There will be no On-hire Survey on delivery. Dated as of April 7, The Owners shall not contribute bareckn General Average.

    BIMCO Search Results

    If a second arbitrator is appointed in accordance with the Arbitration Act, the two arbitrators 22001 appoint a third arbitrator. Defects appearing later do not give rise to any claim against the owners. Email shall be deemed to be delivered if no failure notice or non-delivery notice is received by the sender of such email within twenty-four 24 hours of sending the relevant email or a delivery receipt message is received by the sender in respect of the relevant email.

    The “final voyage” provision of the Redelivery Clause has been amended to baeecon problems associated with an unforeseen harecon of the vessel’s last voyage beyond the end of the Charter period. It was agreed, therefore, to clarify the position by amending the reference to “sub-charter the Vessel on a bareboat basis”.

    Frequency of dry-docking Cl. The Vessel upon redelivery shall have her survey cycles up to date and trading and valid class certificates valid for at least the number of months agreed in Box It is understood and agreed that the Charterer shall not be required to make any modifications to 20001 Vessel or obtain any additional certificates or otherwise incur any expense in order to qualify the Vessel for documentation under the laws of an Approved Alternative Flag.


    Insurance and Repairs – See also Clause 34 Notwithstanding the above, should the Charterers fail to redeliver the Vessel within The Charter Period, the Charterers shall pay the daily equivalent to the rate of hire stated in Box 22 for the number of days by which the Charter Period is exceeded. At the expiration of the Charter Period, unless the Charterer shall have exercised its option to purchase the Vessel pursuant to Clause 74or upon a termination of this Charter pursuant to Clause 59the Charterer bareckn at its own cost and expense, redeliver the Vessel to the Owner at a safe and ice-free port or place as indicated in Box 16 safely afloat in such ready safe berth or anchorage as the Charterer may direct.

    BARECON 2001

    As with other charter forms, it is important in a bareboat charter to include suitable provisions to take care of potential problems concerning liens.

    Upon the expiration of the Renewal Period, this Charter may be extended for any additional renewal period on such terms as the Owner and the Charterer may mutually agree. Clause 10 Maintenance and Operation One of the most important consequences resulting from the bareboat chartering of 20011 vessel is that during the entire period the vessel is in full possession and at the absolute disposal for all purposes of the charterers.

    Notwithstanding any other provisions contained in this Charter it is agreed that nuclear fuels or radioactive products or waste are specifically excluded from the cargo permitted to be loaded or carried under this Charter. The Definitions Clause also introduces two new definitions: It is narecon that the precise timing of repairs is largely a matter for the charterers to decide in accordance with their planned maintenance schedule, provided such repairs do not compromise the vessel’s insurance cover.

    The Charterers undertake with the Owners that throughout the Charter Period: Each of the Owner and the Charterer shall have the right to carry, for its own benefit, excess protection and indemnity insurance and marine multi-liability insurance. The Charterer shall deliver to both the Owner and the Mortgagee, prior to the cancellation, modification or non-renewal of any such policy of insurance, a copy of a renewal or replacement policy or other evidence of renewal of a policy previously delivered to the Owner and the Mortgagee together with evidence reasonably satisfactory to the Owner and the Mortgagee of payment of the premium barecoh.

    Any and all reasonable and documented legal fees barrcon documentations relating to MOA and the Charter including any addenda, schedule or appendix whatsoever thereto shall be paid by the Charterer promptly against the invoice, throughout the Charter Period.

    If the Garecon select the Option to purchase the Vessel, the price shall be as per the Purchase Option Price in Clause 35 barefon the end of year five 5the price from the Delivery Date until the end of year bzrecon 5 shall be reasonably agreed by both parties which shall be calculated based on the Purchase Option Price.


    Ninety 90 days preliminary notice followed by thirty 30bafecon 15 and seven 7 days prior written notices of Delivery Date. This guarantee shall in all respects be governed by and construed and take effect according to English law and the parties hereto agree that all claims or disputes arising out of or in connection with this guarantee shall be referred to.

    The final sentence of the original version of sub-clause abarrecon stated “The Hire under this Charter shall be payable to the owners from the same time as the Requisition Hire is payable to the Charterers” was felt to be inconsistent with the principle of hire being paid continuously. Port or Place of baeecon Cl. Any moneys in excess of USDThe result of the revision was an amalgamation of the two forms into a single document code named BARECON 89, containing separate alternative provisions to apply to new-buildings only.

    The strict contractual obligation to arrange for and maintain insurances on the part of 201 charterers carries with it a contractual right vested in the owners entitling them to withdraw the vessel if the charterers fail to arrange and keep any of the insurances.

    bareconn If the Charterers do not then exercise their option of cancelling, the seventh day after the readiness date stated in the date indicated in Box 15 for the purpose of this Clause 5. Normally, the owners have limited rights under the building contract to reject the barecob on account of delay in delivery from the yard, the builders in most cases being duly covered for delays under the terms of the building contract.

    This Clause 58 shall not apply to a merger or consolidation, or sale, conveyance, assignment, transfer, charter or bardcon disposition of the Charterer with an Affiliate solely for the purpose, and with the effect, of reincorporating the Charterer in another jurisdiction of the United States. The 36 running hours period is designed to deter the charterers from prevaricating unduly over the vessel and potentially preventing the owners from securing suitable alternative employment at the earliest opportunity.

    Contact IT support on: Attorney – in – fact. Except during bareckn continuance of an Event of Default when such costs and fees shall be paid by the Charterer, the costs and fees for such inspection and survey shall be paid by the Owner.

    If Owners consider the Market Value to be higher than the Minimum Insured Value set out in column b above, but the Charterers have not increased the insured value but still followed the Minimum Insured Value set out in column b above, then the Owners may, unless the parties agree on the Market Value, request the Charterers to obtain a valuation of the Market Value of the Vessel from Clarksons Shipbrokers, Arrow Valuations or Braemar ACM Shipbroking or another reputable shipbroker agreed upon between the Owners and the Charterers.

    Optional, Clauses 12 a and 12 b are alternatives; indicate alternative agreed in Bafecon

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